The importance of your house brought up to code…

I’m sure we are all aware that when we go to sell our house it is necessary for our home to be up to code. But what about when we live in it? The truth of the matter is it is just as important when we’re residing in our homes as well. Why? Because it’s all about safety! The city puts residential codes into place for a reason, and that is to protect the common welfare of the residents. Have you stopped to think that you need to correct something in your house? Think about it! There is nothing more important than the safety of you and your family. Give us a call for a free in home estimate today! 734-284-9111…

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Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen Before Listing

Not only will you get more money for your house but you are twice as likely to catch buyers attention if you have a new kitchen remodel. If you aren’t financially able to replace the whole kitchen try cabinet refacing, and replacing the counter. Or simply just adding a backsplash. You’ll be amazed how much more appealing your home will become.

From a buyers aspect if the kitchen is appealing or liveable with small updates it allows them to focus on putting their money on other aspects of the home.

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Think Spring!

March is finally here! Which means, Spring is only a few weeks away! Now is the time to start calling and asking about getting outside work done to your home or business. Already, we have jobs planned to start as soon as the weather begins cooperating regularly. Don’t wait! Call today for your FREE estimate and see what Abercrombie can do for you!!     734-284-9111

Here are a few examples of work to start getting done now, so you can enjoy your home this summer:


-Gutter cleaning and repair/ replacement

– Window and door replacement


-Cement replacement


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Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels!

There is no denying that winter has finally arrived! While it may be too late for exterior work, now is the perfect time for those interior home repairs or remodels. For our readers who regularly frequent our website, you have surely noticed our February coupon offer; Free Sink with a complete bathroom or kitchen remodel!

Now is the perfect time to give yourself the bathroom or kitchen you’ve been dreaming of! Abercrombie can meet all your needs. Replace your cupboards, counter tops, flooring, bath tub and anything else you can think of, today!! Just give us a call at 734-284-9111

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A Little About Siding

If you’re considering adding siding to your home, here is some information you may find helpful! Here are some pros and cons of vinyl siding. But first, what is vinyl siding?Vinyl siding is a plastic exterior siding for your home. It is often used for weatherproofing as well as decoration; imitating wood clapboard and used in place of materials such as aluminum or fiber cement siding.

As with any product, there are advantages and disadvantages to siding. First off, vinyl siding is easy to install! It can be installed professionally or by yourself, and siding can be bought in most improvement supply stores. Siding is also an easy way to change your homes appearance with little hassle and maintenance. A huge factor in any customers decision making is cost; fortunately, siding is much more affordable than other home cladding options.

Of course there are some cons to vinyl siding. For starters, vinyl siding is not watertight. Though it is water resistant, water can sometimes get between the siding and the surface of your home. When this happens, there is a risk of infestation or mold problems. However, this can be prevented! it is highly recommended by many professionals to install building paper/ house wrap behind the siding to prevent damage. Because of over exposure to sun and other elements, anything on the exterior of your home will fade. Siding is no exception, but new vinyl siding now has protective coatings to help preserve the color.

So, there is some general information about benefits of siding! If you’re interested in adding siding to your home, call us today for your free estimate! And be sure to ask about insulated siding; siding with a foam backing, improving your homes thermal efficiency!



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